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Giro d'Italia Stage 18 LIVE


Belluno - Rifugio Panarotta 171 km

Welcome to the Dolomites. Another hard test for the riders with probably an interesting start to the stage. With small timegaps in the top ten this is going to be a free-for-all.

Amy's wine tip for the day: Bele Casel ASOLO PROSECCO DOCG“COLFONDO” 2012

After all of those pictures of Prosecco vineyards yesterday.

‘Colfondo’ refers to the artisanal approach of making Prosecco, whereby the second, carbonic fermentation takes place in bottle, leaving a slight residue at the bottom of the bottle (‘il fondo’) which when disturbed makes the wine cloudy, enriching it with the lees of the vinification. Read more here from Jeremy Parzen.

Dry with light fruit and some yeast. A lovely pairing with charcuterie.

Il Big del Giorno: Nairo Quintana

Are you kidding me, did you see Val Martello? Of course he is going to win.

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