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Win a Ruckus Frame! Support Girls/Women's Cycling!

Got a few bucks for a good cause (which might include yourself)? Head on over to the PBLRB Raffle sponsored by Ruckus Composites and enter to win a rather awesome carbon fiber frame!


  • Ruckus Composites, located in Portland, Oregon (dammit), repairs broken carbon frames, and reproduces new stuff from frames left behind. As you can see from the top pic, they're gorgeous when finished, and from Ruckus' website it's pretty clear they know how to make these things structurally sound again.
  • PBLRB stands for Presented By Let's Race Bikes, is an organization that partners with local companies to support promoting young women and girls to make the jump from local to national-level racing. All I've ever heard is that this is the point in a young racer's career where little things can make the difference between a cycling career that actually happens to one that doesn't, for no good reason. Kids that age need help with the cost of pursuing the dream. Young women probably more than men. PBLRB helps bridge that gap.
  • Now, Ruckus has made the two frames you see above and is auctioning them off, with all proceeds going to PBLRB. $25 for one ticket, $60 for three.
GO HERE to enter the raffle, and good luck! Or, go here to buy some sweet socks or make a donation to PBLRB. Pass this on!