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Tour de France Stage 7 LIVE

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Épernay - Nancy 234.5 km

Lumpy is the theme for the day. Breakaway dreaming of staying away, Astana dreaming of letting them go to offload the jersey. Sagan's stomping around like a grumpy Hulk until he get's that win.

Hungry Hulk of the Day: Peter Sagan

No, the breakaway does not get to stay away. Nibali will be stuck in Yellow a little longer. The Hulk can stop stomping. This finish is too taylor-made for him to miss.

Amy's Wine of the day: DRINK MORE CHAMPAGNE!

That said, I’m pairing with yesterday’s wine with a still red from Champagne grapes: Marie-Noelle Ledru Coteaux Champenois Ambonnay Rouge I could not resist. As in yesterday’s wine, I’m fascinated by Champagne grapes being used to make a still wine. This one is very easy to drink. Some acid. Herbs and spice, with red fruit. My Tour favorite so far.

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