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Tour de France Stage 8 LIVE

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Tomblaine - Gérardmer 161 km

Three unpredictable and potentially cruel days in the Vosges mountains start today. This is the easiest of the three but features an uphill finish.

Crystal clear winner of the Day: Michal Kwiatkowski

OPQS are hungry for stages even if Kwiat might be a GC contender. Strong enough to get over these climbs and the last kms should suit him perfectly.

Jens' Frying Pan of the Day: de Buyer

While it may lack the subtle elegance of a well aged French wine, a good solid carbon-steel frying pan is a valuable addition to any respectable kitchen. Today the race passes close by Val d'Ajol ,home to de Buyer, makers of all types of cookware but most notably classic steel fryingpans that are found in many if not most French restaurant-kitchens. This area of France is historically home to lots of smallscale manufacturing-industry which deBuyer is a classic example of. A bit of old style quality in an age where most production has been outsourced to the far east.

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