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Tour de France Stage 9 LIVE

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Gérardmer - Mulhouse 170 km

Six categorized climbs and talk of heavy winds on the one flat bit on the course, the last 20 kms, this could be a brutal stage. With Bastille Day and also the stage with the most GC-shakeup potential tomorrow, odds are that this will be a stage for a breakaway and a fight for the polkadot contenders. If so, the GC riders could have a bit of a calmer day before the storm tomorrow. Should any of the GC-contenders try an ambush this will turn very ugly, very fast though.

Crystal clear winner of the Day: Arthur Vichot

Pick a guy, pick any guy. Rolland looks a little too close on GC to be let free so maybe Vichot will take a shot today?

Amy's Wine of the Day: Domaine Ostertag 2011 Riesling Vignobe D’e

Alsace! My Riesling loving self wishes that they would ride through Alsace every year. Heck, maybe they could stay a few days? 
I've gone for what could be called the entry level wine from a great producer with this lovely Riesling. Peaches, almonds, some minerals and acidity, but essentially a really easy to drink wine. Looks down, sees Summer of Riesling t-shirt and smiles.

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