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Tour de France Stage 11 LIVE

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Besançon - Oyonnax 187.5 km

Everyone rested and fresh? Ok then, a lumpy stage as we approach the Alps. No major climbing but probably enough to make this a good day for a breakaway since there is limited incentive for anyone to really do the chasing.

Transitionalist of the Day: Michael Albasini

King of the hard breakaway stages, Alba should give Orica their first stage win this Tour.

Amy's Wine of the Day: Bornard Tant-Mieux Pétillant Naturel Rosé NV

Drinking from the Jura today. Why not a pink, sparkling magnum? 100% Ploussard, made as a Pétillant Naturel, meaning that fermentation was finished in the bottle without the addition of sugar. Lots of strawberries here, but also acidity and peppers. Another one of those quickly emptied bottle wines.

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