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Tour de France Stage 13 LIVE

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Saint Étienne - Chamrousse 197.5 km

Here we go, HC climbing and big Alps. It seems weird and fantastic that despite all the action so far this Tour we haven't even had a single Alp or Pyrenée stage yet. Today many will be forced to show their cards.

Mighty Macaron of the Day: Vincenzo Nibali

The Shark is still in control of this thing and his team looks intact. They should be able to maneuver this relatively straight-forward stage to where they want. Tomorrow is an entirely different matter.

Amy's Wine of the Day: Dominique Lucas "Un Matin Face au Lac" Chasselas 2012

It wouldn't be a Tour without a Chasselas as they head up the Alps. The producer is on Lake Léman, right across from Switzerland, on a gentle slope facing the lake, in the small village of Marcorens.

Both complex and fresh. It is another one of those bottles that makes me wish we could more easily get Swiss wine in the US. I think I might like it.

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