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Get Yer Podium Cafe Caps!

After years of promises... reality!

I'm a big cap guy, and after having produced a pretty complete kit in past years, I had long been determined to make us some caps. Well, thanks to your generous donations which got the project moving, I now have them in hand, and ... they're awesome!



The \o/ guy on the front is orange with white characters, as usual. Bad lighting here. And the \o/ shows up on the bill whether it's down or up.


All three of those are terrible photos, but I think you get my drift. The caps are cotton/poly caps made by Walz. The bill is soft and the white center stripe is printed. This is much nicer material than your bike-shop pro-style cotton caps, with their soon-to-be-misshapen plastic bill and thin, stiff cotton. They also come in small and large sizes. Features:

  • 65%poly 35% cotton
  • Moisture wicking band inside
  • machine washable
  • Small/Medium: for hat sizes from 6 3/4 to 7 1/2
  • Large/XL: for hat sizes 7 1/2 to 8
  • Super awesome Podium Cafe-ness, as show above. Design by our very own Veloki, who also designed our kits.
  • Cost is $15 each, plus shipping. In the US, shipping is a flat $5 for up to, I dunno, some large amount of caps beyond what you would ever consider. Outside the US, prices will range from $5-15 for shipping. Contact me for an exact quote.

How To Order

Email me your order to with the following:

  • your name and shipping address
  • number of caps, and size(s)
  • Whether you do Paypal, and if so, what email address. If you do Paypal, I will invoice you that way.
  • If you do not do Paypal, I will write back to you with a total that includes shipping. We can make arrangements, e.g. check in the mail or something.
  • I'll be in DC this week; if that's home, and you plan to order one, contact me ASAP and we can maybe arrange hand delivery (free, obvy). Same goes for folks in Seattle starting later this week.