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Tour de France Stage 17 LIVE

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Saint Gaudens - Saint Lary/Pla d'Adet 124.5 km

Short and (sweet), three Cat 1s and an HC mountain finish. Plus we get to see Peyresourde again. It's been too long old friend, it feels like we never get to see you. But seriously, this looks like a massive day in all kinds of ways.

Emperor of the Peyresourde: Vincenzo Nibali

Little known fact: Sharks are the cannibals of the sea.

Amy's wine of the day: La Ferme du Vert l'AmouReuse

Time for something sweet. Our grape today is Mauzac. Mauzac is mainly grown in the Gaillac and Limoux regions in the southwest of France.Mauzac buds and ripens late, and was traditionally picked quite late, when temperatures had dropped in Limoux. This allowed for slow fermentation which preserved residual sugar for a "natural" second fermentation in the spring, creating a sparkling wine.

Sweet, but very balanced.  Rather delicious. Even the French visitor enjoyed it.

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