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Tour de France Stage 18 LIVE

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Pau - Hautacam 145.5 km

Decision time. One last chance to make your climbing abilities count. Pinot & Bardet, I'm looking at you.


Valverde would do well to put some more time between himself and Peraud too because a 42 second buffer going into the TT could make it very scary.

Hautacam Bigringer: J C Peraud

Weird as it seems, he has been the consistently best climber after Nibali. Let's see if he can get a nice gift? Odds are Nibali wants to stamp his authority on this thing though.

Amy's wine of the day: Atxa Vermouth Blanco

Vermouth! For years I never gave vermouth much thought. But then I became slightly obsessed with making a very good Manhattan at home. So I experimented a bit and discovered that I liked vermouth over ice. For the record, Carpano is my Manhattan vermouth of choice.

Founded in 1831, Destilerías Acha has been at the forefront of distillation in the Basque Country for years. This to me is a sipping vermouth. Floral and spicy and just lovely over ice. I'll buy more of this.

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