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Tour de France Stage 21 LIVE

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Doug Pensinger


Évry - Paris/Champs Élysées 137.5 km

Now the women are done it's time for the men to make their way to Paris. Slowly with lots of champagne drinking at first and then ten competitive laps on the Champs Élysées to finish off this Tour.

Vos-wannabe of the Day: Marcel Kittel

Honestly hard to see anyone beat him on a day like this. Formwise he looks the worst of the big sprinters but you still think he can pull it off on those last bits of reserves he has saved up somewhere for today?

Amy's Wine of the day: Andre Robert Les Mesnil 2006

Champagne today, though I considered a favorite Sicilian wine to honor Nibali. But, I've written about it before. Do know that my love of the Calabretta Rosato remains strong.

100% Chardonnay­. Rich and nutty with pear, apple and yeast.

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