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La Course LIVE!

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Paris/Champs Élysées 89 km (13 laps)

The most media publicized women's race live and we get to see the best riders (or the best sprinters at least) in the world battle it out on the Champs in front of worldwide TV audiences.

Marianne of the Day: Kirsten Wild

Can anyone out-trump Rabobank? Kirsten can. This is going to be all about two duels. Attackers vs. sprinter teams and Rabobank vs. The Rest.  There are a few teams, Liv/Shimano, Wiggle, United Healthcare and Ale Cipollini especially who will do what they can to set this up for a sprint. With six rider teams there is absolutely no guarantee that they can even if the course helps. Rabobank are the one team that can cover all eventualities and trying to check-mate them is the key to winning this thing. It's easier said than done.

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