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Tour de France Team Presentation LIVE

At 19:30 tonight the big event introducing the riders in the 2014 Tour will be held in Leeds.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A  glorious annual event (which is sometimes slightly less than glorious) is here, the big brouhaha that is the Grand Départ team presentation. This year the audience has paid an exorbitant amount of money for tickets to the event so it can't be anything less than brilliant I would assume.

Basically most of us will tune in to marvel at the splendor of Arnaud Démare's new French champ kit and Fränk Schleck's ...... trainwreck of a champ's kit but there is so much more to see. Guaranteed no one will be disappointed.

Eurosport are showing the event so there should be lots of links to video about when the time comes.