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Valentina Scandolara on Giro Rosa Stage 2

Every day through the Giro Rosa, wifi permitting, ORICA-AIS riders Valentina Scandolara and Amanda Spratt will be answering some questions about how the race is going. Still today was a flat stage, we're starting with Vale - and if you have any questions for either of them, please do ask in the comments!

Valentina Scandolara attacking on Stage 1 of the Giro Rosa
Valentina Scandolara attacking on Stage 1 of the Giro Rosa

PdC: How has the race been so far?  From home it looks like every stage has been really hard, can you tell us about them?

Vale: The Giro started in a really harsh way this year. 2km of really bad cobbles on Friday, and a superhard circuit yesterday, with a short climb, dangerous downhill and bad asphalted, tiny twisty roads all the time. Today it was pan flat, only three bridges, but the roads (holes and turns) and the speed made it pretty hard again. Add the really warm weather and you understand it all :-) You don't get bored here, for sure!!! 
There is not much to say so far, except that Rabobank is clearly the strongest team. They attack, chase if the rider in the front is not ok for them, and attack again. They want to (and clearly can) win.

PdC: We saw you attacking yesterday on Stage 1 - was that fun?

Vale: Yesterday I attacked 'cause I didn't feel good, and I wanted to try to get over that climb as many times as possible to be there later and hopefully help Emma [Johansson] a bit. In that way, it was a good move! Unluckily my other teammates had some troubles (Spratty crashed, and Shaz got a puncture) and we didn't have numbers there, so Emma had to do an huge effort alone, to try to chase all the Rabos and the other strong riders who were there. Again, we'll try to set it up better the next days!

PdC: Today we saw ORICA doing a ton of work on the front in the last 10km - how did that feel?

Vale: It felt awesome! It was a huge work, but it was so cool to be there with my teamies, leading ourselves and our sprinter out of troubles. No other team did that, we were the best organized out there. Unluckily Mel (our sprinter ) got stuck at the last corner, and she couldn't complete our work... but it's for the next time!!!

PdC: So far what's the craziest thing a team-mate has done?

Vale: We're all a bit crazy, we always have a lot of fun at the races and we make people laugh at team presentations etc... the craziest thing... I must think about that one ;-) give me a day!!!


You can read about ORICA-AIS' race their reports from the prologue, Stage 1 and Stage 2 - and all the videos  and photos from Stage 2 are the PdC Stage 2 report.  Follow Vale on her twitter - and ask any questions for Vale and Spratty in the comments - it's a hilly day tomorrow, so it's for Spratty, if we have the wifi!

Photo used with very kind permission of Velofocus - check out his galleries from the Prologue, Stage 1 and Stage 2