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It's Transfer Time

Yep, it's that time of the year again. The sun is high, the Tour is over and contracts for next year are being drawn up.

Bryn Lennon

Astana got themselves some signatures today, the most notable being Larske Boom (2 years). They also show that they give fuck all about their image by signing LL Sanchez (1 year). Diego Rosa (2 years) and Davide Malacarne (1 year) are contracted to help Aru go up mountains.

Nacer Bouhanni, in the meantime, is tired of playing second fiddle to Arnaud Démare. He's leaving FdJ for Cofidis. He's taking teammate Geoffry Soupe with him. Cofidis is also signing Steve Chainel and - oh yeah - Domnique Rollin.

So, what other transfer news is out there? Please do share in the comments!