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Crescent Vårgårda World Cup LIVE


Vårgårda 132 km (12 laps of 11 km)

Penultimate round of the World Cup for women is the very open Vårgårda race. With the Hägrunga hill in the middle of the lap as the major difficulty it is a race that can be won from a breakaway as well as from a sprint.

Expect a big selection of the weaker riders in the first five laps and after that we'll see what kind of race we get this year. There will be live video for the entire race at the UCIChannel

Fröken Fåglum of the Day: Annemiek van Vleuten

She's won here before and with her as part of the Rabo/Liv tactical arsenal that usually sets up a Vos win but sometimes lands the win in a teammates lap she may take her second win here.

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