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GP de Plouay-Bretagne World Cup LIVE


Plouay 121.5 km (4 laps of a 26.9 km circuit + 1 lap of 13.9 km)

The final World Cup of the season and often it is one of the best races of the year. Much like Vårgårda it is a course that opens possibilities for all types of race scenarios. The heaviest sprinters are really the only ones totally excluded and if anything it favors the stronger climbers even if it isn't a climbing race as such.

LIVE VIDEO: There will be live video of the finale on the ucichannel . We just don't know quite when it starts....? (probably at 16:00 CEST but could be earlier)

Lady Badger of the Day: Pauline Ferrand Prevot

The "next Vos" has been very Vos-like this year so why not finish it off with a Vos-performance in her home race ?

Official site , Course (pdf) , Startlist