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Well, the extremely poorly hidden cat is now out of the near transparent bag. Peter Sagan will ride the next three years for Team Tinkoff. Finally we can discuss the least surprising of all transfers ever.

Doug Pensinger

Despite all the smoke and mirrors on Old drunk Uncle Oleg's twitter it is now official that  Sagan has signed for Tinkoff. With him he brings brother Juraj  and polish workhorse Maciej Bodnar just as predicted. As for the salary we can only speculate but it isn't unlikely Sagan becomes the best paid rider ever? At least the best paid non-TdF winner ever seems a sure bet.

In the official release Riis takes the trusted old "lots to learn, restated"-approach calling Sagan strong but with potential to improve his tactical understanding and that pretty much sums up the Slovak's season so far doesn't it.  Alberto Contador is also predictably chipper in his quotes on the Tinkoff webpage and sees noooooooo problem whatsoever combining Sagan's ambitions with his own in the team. And that will be the party line, at least until somethin goes horribly wrong next July.