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Tonight: CrossVegas LIVE!

The Pro CX Season starts in America, with our very own Sven Nys! What, Sven is not American? Aw shucks, well he could be if he wanted to. Just sayin.

Chris See

It's all happening! Cyclocross kicks off tonight with CrossVegas, the world's most beloved premature grassy crit run across an open field that violates the laws of nature to bloom in what is otherwise a barren Nevada desert. It's a Crossmas Miracle!

Or an annual event, one that keeps getting slightly better as more stars come out. On the Women's side, Katie F'n Compton heads a largely American field, with Brit Helen Wyman and Yank Meredith Miller the main competition. Katerina Nash was last seen winning a bronze at the World Championships for MTB last week, so I suppose that explains her apparent absence. Nash is a multiple winner in Vegas. Full startlist here.

Men's wise, several big names are here, including the Godfather of the sport, Sven Nys. His Crelan team includes Sven Vanthourenhout, while Lars van der Haar is back on behalf of Team Giant and Telenet-Fidea has Thijs van Amerongen, Quentin Hermans and Daan Soethe in attendance. The Americans are out in force as well, led by Jonathan Page, Jeremy Powers, Ryan Trebon and Tim Johnson. Full startlist here.

Live webcasting is expected, as usual! GO HERE to watch, it should take you in the right direction. Elite women roll out at 8:20pm and men at 9:30. Las Vegas is on west coast time. Except there aren't any clocks.

Use this thread for the live chat. See you in a bit!