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Il Lombardia Re-Invented for 2014

The fall classic usually nicknamed "the race of the falling leaves" should perhaps be known as "the race of the changing percorso". This years edition will see a very different look. All new, but still looks like one of the best courses of the year.

The last few years has seen the race centered on the fearsome Muro di Sormanno and a finish in Lecco. Now RCS are throwing everything on end with a start in Como and the iconic Ghisallo early in the race. The Muro is not included at all this year, instead we see a few more unknown smaller climbs before the all new climax of the race in the city of Bergamo.  The finale will see the rider climb the steep smaller roads to the old town, Bergamo Alta, before they descend what is likely a technical, hairy 3-4 km to the finish line.


This looks like a beautiful re-invention of the course. Lombardia usually favors the same type of riders regardless of the exact course, it's still a long passage through the hilly area around Lake Como that suits the punchy climbers. The finish though looks like a fun version. Judging by the maps it should be roughly the same as in the 2007 Giro stage here:

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If so it promises fireworks. I suppose the only downside now is that with Ghisallo so early we will miss the ringing of the bells but that seems like a small price to pay. I like the way RCS are keeping this race in flux and keeping it interesting. No doubt it has economic reasons but it is a good way of avoiding the race becoming too formulaic and predictable.