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It's Mud Day: Cyclocross Nationals Live Thread(s)

It's time to hand out some new national championships jerseys and the weather gods have smiled on all the different nations.

We've gone over the details in some other posts, now it's time to grab a beer (or coffee, depending on where in the world you are) and pull up a chair to watch the races you wish you could watch at person. Only, it's not cold and raining in your living room, which sounds way better, doesn't it? Yep, it looks like it either has been or will continue raining in all the important places tomorrow, so there shouldn't be one national champion with a nice, clean kit at the end of the race... As it should be.

Anyway, we have lots of races on offer today. The European countries start off our day and the Elite Women should race around 13:30 CET (7:30 EST for you Americans) and the Elite Men at 15:00 (9:00 EST). Later, the Elite Women in the United States start at 15:45 EST and the Elite Men at 16:45. Check the *ahem* usual sources for Euro coverage and Behind The Barriers for US coverage.

Our Picks?

Our brains say Mathieu van der Poel, Marianne Vos, Wout Van Aert, Sanne Cant, Katie Compton, and Jeremy Powers for their respective Dutch, Belgian, and U.S. titles. Our heart swaps Sven Nys for Van Aert and Zach McDonald for Powers. Hey, you never know what'll happen.