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A layer of winter welcomes the world to Tabor.

I don't have the rights to any photos of the Tabor track right now, but if I did, you would be very, very excited to see them. Go here!

All week long the temperatures in the Czech Republic will hover around the freezing levels, so whether this little blanket of snow holds up or not remains to be seen. The key will be Thursday, when some precipitation is in the cards. If it's rain or sleet, then I suppose it will just make an unholy mess of the track. One thing we can rule out is a dry, fast surface, in all likelihood.

I'm not sure snow does anything to upset the applecarts -- it's still kid vs. kid (and Pauwels vs. his own personal Bermuda Triangle) for the title. We could see some messy turns, which might give the technically smooth Pauwels some hope, and might lead to more entertaining moments from Little Lars and Big Klaas. Probably not though. Just good ol country mudball, I bet.

Use this post as an open thread for any new tidbits that come in today. Racers should start arriving in Tabor if they aren't there already.