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Your All-In-One 2015 Cycling Awards Nomination Thread!

Joel Saget, AFP Getty

I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. 2015 was a memorable cycling season, that is certain, for one reason above all else... the world came to us!

Oh, that was at the very end, and prior to that it was a season of the usual ups and downs, but with maybe a few more ups than we normally expect, and the downs kept to a level of mere background noise, at least by cycling's sordid standard. We saw two men dominate the Cobbled Classics and MSR, and one very familiar face asserting his decade-long authority over the roads of Italy, maybe for the last time. The summer was all about firming up what we basically knew, but in ways that were full of drama and fun. There seemed to be pitched, nailbiting battles for glory all over the map, and none better than what we saw in September in Spain and Virginia. That's on the men's side. For the women's scene it was another year of pushing the rock uphill, as the calendar saw some nice gains and the sport saw its riches shared a bit more democratically -- but not that democratically, and anyway it simply isn't the same with the world's greatest cyclist stuck at home.

I could go on, but anyway it was a lot of fun to be here in our sport as it continues to evolve and churn. So... on to the awards process! For newbies, every year we nominate a rider of the year and race day of the year, for the elite men and women. Four categories in all. You toss out ideas, I gather a list, and we put it all to a vote next week. Race day, by the way, is not race. Don't nominate the Tour de France, nominate a single day's stage. Or just vote "TOUR OF FLANDERS" over and over like I usually do.

I'm not going to kick it off, but instead will just throw it to you guys. Use the comments and specify "Men's" "Women's" "Race Day" and "Rider". I will close the nominations off Monday, and we will start voting Tuesday. Go!