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Valkenburg CX...LIVE!

The European leg of the World Cup starts.

Patrick Verhoest

What's CX? I'm glad you asked. No more road cycling now.

Here's the uninformative map.

There's a good bit of climbing on this course, and combined with the sticky conditions, it's one of the harder parcours on the CX circuit.

Here's the startlist. The men are only really missing Van der Poel, still with his knee injury, though he did start training on the road today. Unless you count Stybar, there's an other wise full startlist. On the women's side of things, it's a little bit more sparse, with no Nash, Vos or Ferrand-Prevot. Lechner and Cant are there though.

The conditions aren't very muddy, but not dry either, with sticky conditions on the downhills.

The women's race is at 12:30, the men's race at 2:00. The stream for the women's race is at the top of this piece, and here as well. I'll put the men's one up when it starts.

Men's race pick: Lars van der Haar

Because Wout can't win everything.

Women's race pick: Jolien Verscheuren

Because she's the best Belgian who isn't Cant, who won't be on form this early.