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KoppenbergCross... LIVE!

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Nobody can deny any longer that the Cyclocross season is fully underway. It's All Saints Day, better known in certain parts of East Flanders as KoppenbergCross Day.

This is a BPost Bank Trofee race, meaning we should actually care what the time gaps are, assuming we care about the overall series, which I'm not sure we do. But just in case, here are the standings coming in, after one event:

1. Wout van Aert in 59'06 "
2. Kevin Pauwels 4 '
3. Lars van der Haar (Ned) 8 "
4. Sven Nys 31 "
5. Jens Adams 1'13 "
6. Tim Merlier 1'16 "
7. Gianni Vermeersch 1'17 "
8. Thijs van Amerongen (Ned) zt
9. Michael Boros (Cze) 1'20 "
10. Tom Meeusen 1'25 "

The race is expected to come with plenty of live coverage, which you can read about here. Women's race starts at 1:45 pm in Belgium, 4:45am Seattle time, men at 3pm/6am. Hup!

Startlist WomenStartlist Men

Chris's Don't Choke on Your Kids' Halloween Candy When You Read This Picks to Win:

Sanne Cant and Kevin Pauwels. Cross needs some fresh faced kids to liven things up. These aren't them. But hey, I think there are a couple corners where it helps to dismount on the drive side?