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Movistar First to Unveil Kit

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They've really gone for shock value here...

Movistar Twitter

Yes, it's the part of the year you've all been waiting for!!! It's kit unveiling season. It's a shame you have to watch all the cycling beforehand to get the goodness that arrives in November and December. And to cap it all off, it's the brilliantly designed Movistar kit, which will always turn heads when seen on television.

Ta Da!

Movistar New Kit

(@Movistar_Team on twitter)

Alright I'll stop now. In all seriousness, it's a very ordinary Movistar jersey. It's made (As usual) by Endura, and is navy with a green "M," bigger than before. (Or Nairo's skinnier).

One thing they have changed is the pockets, which are now white.

Movistar New Kit

Oh, and they've added the twitter usernames. Isn't that sweet.

Feel free to post any new jerseys and rate them using our standard (This is the second time we've used it, it's standard) rating system.

5: Stunning! I'm buying this. Swoon!

4: Solid! I'll buy it on sale. I'll root for them inexplicably.

3: Not bad. I wouldn't reject a gift of this jersey. I won't hold it against them.

2: Ugh. Wouldn't wear this in public. I might root for them out of pity.

1: Why God? WHY?! Don't even show this to me. I will root for them to win their national championships to spare us all the misery of this kit.

My verdict. 3. Not bad, not great, boring, next!