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Asper-Gavere CX LIVE

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MODDERSPEKTAKEL! "Door de regenval is Gavere omgetoverd tot een modderpoel, spektakel verzekerd."........ is what Sporza have to say

I'm not even gong to bother translating that. Suffice to say "rainfall" "mudpuddle" and "spectacle" is all you need to know. Gavere is generally a hard as nails cross and with weathergods obliging it should be fantastic. Hopefully the gods of Geo-restricting and/or pirate feeds will be as accomodating.

Sporza are showing both women and men's races with the women starting at 13:45 and the men at 15:00 CET, it remains to be seen how much of it we can see outside Belgium. Fingers crossed.



gavere 2015