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Vanmarcke Gets Wrist Surgery [Yay!]

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One of those times when injury news is good news...

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Woke up to this:

Gisteren werd ik geopereerd aan de rechterpols. Een blessure die mij al het hele jaar hinderde werd aangepakt door...

Posted by Sep Vanmarcke on Thursday, November 19, 2015

With the Sporza explainer that he'd been bothered by a nagging inflammation and pain in his wrist for the entire 2015 cycling season. And this is the good news! That along with Sep's prediction that he'll be fine in a month.

Here's a little known statistical fact... Sep had a shitty season! He wasn't exactly out of shape, and it's not even possible to say how much his wrist affected his results. But he got dropped in the final loop of de Ronde, and was merely a respectable 11th in Paris-Roubaix -- this after looking like his usual self at the start of the classics. And let's face it, on the list of things you'd be willing to suffer through while riding a cobbled classic, a hurt wrist is down there with saddle sores and vertigo. More seriously, a good grip on the bars is something of a prerequisite to maximum power output, so I wouldn't dismiss the potential connection between his aching joint and his un-Sep-like performance. Hopefully we will crack this riddle wide open next spring when he raises his hands -- repaired wrist and all -- as he crosses the line in Oudenaarde.