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Sand, sand, sand, Duinencross!!!

The third race of the World Cup is in the dunes of Koksijde. Click the video above for the live action in English. If it doesn't work, try Sporza.

Mathieu van der Poel is returning today, he hasn't raced all season due to a knee issue.



Current weather conditions are 5 degrees, with light rain.

Sand Dunes of the Day

Wout Van Aert and Sanne Cant. Cant was good in Hasselt yesterday, while Wout was resting up. Sven may provide the sternest challenge to him, he was really motoring yesterday. While Mathieu Van der Poel is making a return, I expect him to finish around fifth, a couple of minutes behind the winner. Eva Lechner may prove the biggest opposition to Cant, but I've never even seen her race on sand, so I'm giving Cant the benefit of the doubt.