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OMG OMG YOU GUYS!! Boom and Stybar Back to CX!!

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No, not full bore, but hey, it's better than nothing.

The dream isn't over.
The dream isn't over.
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Over the weekend De Telegraaf (and probably others) reported that Zdenek Stybar, most recently 2014 World Cyclocross Champion (who went on to not wear the jersey at all), was negotiating with... whoever he needs to negotiate with to get cleared to race cyclocross over the Christmas/New Years CX extravaganza. Wilfried Peeters said he "maybe" will ride a cross race, and the rumor sheet mentioned Baal, Leuven and Loenhout as possibilities.

Well, not to be outdone, Sporza is now reporting that Lars Boom, CX world champion way back in 2008 (following a U-23 title and a junior one before that), is truly planning a return to cyclocross this winter. [De Telegraaf has nothing on its website about this, presumably because the fainting couch is stuck in Amsterdam traffic.] Like Stybar has done since becoming a roadie, Boom has caught on to the idea that riding a few cross races is good preparation for the road season, and has apparently bought 40 mud tires as a sign that he either loves CX tires or really is planning to race. He's already training in the trees. But Team Astana has not yet signed off on the idea, nor has anyone named the races he might attend.

Boom himself confirms: "Why do I get a couple of games want to drive? Because it is amusing and a good workout on the road season. I have to look for some dates that fit into my program." But he won't ride any unless Astana give him permission. So stay tuned.

My guess is they say yes (injury risk isn't that high) and that he shows up over the Kerstperiode ready for battle. And that children all over the Netherlands go neglected during the holidays for portions of several afternoons. [They're already either neglected in Belgium or watching the races, most likely the latter.] Can't wait!