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New Podium Cafe Kits Coming!!

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It is high time I got on with a new run of Podium Cafe cycling clothing. So it's happening now. And I think you'll like what you see.

Hey all, remember the last time we did a clothing order? Me neither. Well, I mean, I remember mailing it all out, piece by piece, but I can't tell you exactly when that was. I do know that my sporadic racing has rent my garments slightly, and time tends to wear out even top quality elastic arm and leg bands. So it's probably time to get a new order going.

In time for the holidays! Well, the ordering at least. Lots of tbd thus far. Let's run through the things you need to know.

The Design!

PdC Kit Mondrian 2

This is by far the most exciting angle, IMHO. Our star designer Veloki has once again taken a little bit of input from me and transformed it to a visual feast. Obviously there is a tad of nostalgia behind a Mondrian-themed design such as this, but I think you'll agree that, when our colors (which Veloki also designed) are added, it's just perfect. We had a few versions of this in play, but I'm pretty sure this is a winner. So, as we have done so many times in the past, I shall once again say THANK YOU VELOKI!!

What Does it Cost?

This I do not have yet. There are a great many options that I am sorting out this week. I should have firm pricing for you by next week. I can tell you this... last time we charged the following:

  • Bib shorts: $98
  • Jersey: $75(ish)
  • Arm warmers: $33
  • Cap/neck warmer: $33

This did not include shipping costs, which were $5-15 per order. We priced them to include the setup costs and taxes so that the final result was that I neither made nor lost any money. That'll be the key here too.

I anticipate being in the same ballpark. The manufacturing technology and material keeps getting better, so that means that the same thing as before has probably become more efficient, offsetting the natural effects of inflation. I will shoot for prices in this range again.

I am shooting for better-than-average quality, in terms of fabric, chamois choice, etc. I don't know if there is a true value sweet spot, but you can bet we will be cheaper than Assos in stores, and probably just as good in terms of a product. In the comments, I welcome your input on whether to aim for higher quality or lower prices, though at some point I'll just have to make a decision. Still, if there's a clear preference, you can expect me to follow it.

Finally, I am shooting for women's specific options. Last time we pulled it off re chamois. This time I hope we can do jerseys for women too. Last I checked, men's and women's torsos are not the same shape. And there was much rejoicing...

How Do I Order?

We will do this in two parts. For now, tell me what you think you want to order, so I can get a rough handle on the numbers. Choose from the following:

  • Men's short sleeve jersey
  • Women's short sleeve jersey
  • long sleeve jersey (possibly M/W, possibly unisex)
  • Men's bib shorts
  • Women's bib shorts
  • arm warmers
  • some sort of cold weather head gear

Please do the following:

  1. indicate your interest level -- "definite", "maybe," even a combination (e.g. definitely bibs, maybe s/s jersey). This is NOT a final tally by any means; if you don't respond now, you will still have every chance to order when we put out the official call for orders. I am just surveying interest so I can plan the order.
  2. Indicate what items you (might) want, including quantity. Don't tell me size just yet. That won't be a factor in terms of setting up the order.
  3. Do so in comments, or if you prefer send me an email to chris [at] podiumcafe [dot] com. Use "Kit" in the subject line.

Sound good? Great! Last time we had a Google Checkout store to do this. If anyone knows a better way to process orders, please let me know. But I suspect Google Checkout has gotten better in the last five years.

Last word...

PdC Kit Mondrian 2

Damn. I can't wait to be out riding in this look.