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EMERGENCY KIT REVIEW: Tinkoff's Hypnotic Training Look

Tinkoff Saxo are back at it with their training kits. The results are... interesting

Pro Team Tinkoff Saxo

Want to blow $90? Go to the Tinkoff Saxo website now and you can get one of these:

La Datcha jersey

Bib too. Yes, you can become a billboard for Oleg Tinkoff's opulent condo development in the French Alps. Nothing wrong with that. In the process you can probably put a few people under hypnosis if they stare at you for too long. But there's a more important question... does it actually look good?

Honestly, I'm torn. I appreciate the 3-d effect of the patterns folding over each other, but those lines... that's a lot of work for the eyes. And then there's the full look, posted above, where the lines are in fact broken up a bit... by a giant pubic triangle of solid black.

Personally I think I would like the chest band and the family-crest-looking thing below it on a solid field of black, white, or something muted. But too many lines makes me look like this:

hypnosis eyes

Oh, and it's not even the best Tinkoff-Saxo look of the offseason. Because there is no topping this:

Sagan wedding

Pure class. Vote now...