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Superprestige Francorchamps...Live!!!

Can Van der Poel get back to full form?

Francorchamps is a weird one. From the 17% tarmac finish straight to the almost vertical run-up, it's not your typical CX race. Last year, Kevin Pauwels won here from Lars van der Haar, after the Dutchman crashed on the penultimate lap. Nikki Harris beat compatriot Helen Wyman in the women's race. It's in the Superprestige series, which just to remind you looks like this at the minute:

Men's Classification
1. Wout Van Aert 59
2. Sven Nys 51
3. Kevin Pauwels 50
4. Lars van der Haar 47
5. Klaas Vantornout 33

Van Aert's won three of the four races, so it's not surprising he's on top. Look at the gap between fourth and fifth though, Vantornout's not having a very good season.

Women's Classification
1. Sanne Cant 60
2. Helen Wyman 56
3. Nikki Harris 55

Sanne Cant has dominated the Superprestige, winning all four of the first four races. She'd be nearly out of sight if she were racing today, but her absence gave her foes time to catch up. Helen Wyman caught Nikki Harris on the final lap of the race and outsprinted her, leaving the standings as above.

The current conditions seem to be heavy mud. (Scroll down the timeline).

Conor's Pick to Win

I'd like to think Van der Poel's in condition to beat Van Aert, but his performance in Mol yesterday indicates he's just a week off his best. Van Aert again, then.