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SP Diegem LIVE!

As we all watch the 'cross by night...

Lacking a particularly memorable course, the organisers of the Diegem CX race came up with a gimmicky, though fun substitute: general darkness. The floodlit course has a bit of sand, some stairs, and a bridge, but it's generally identified as "the one in the dark"

A reminder of the current Superprestige standings after the last race, in Francorchamps:

Men's Classification
1. Wout Van Aert 74
2. Sven Nys 65
3. Kevin Pauwels 63
4. Lars van der Haar 55
5. Klaas Vantornout 45

The women's race happened earlier on, and was won by Ellen Van Loy, who all in all is really having a great weekend, with a podium in Namen before he first ever Superprestige win.

Anyway, conditions out aren't anything like the snowy ground on offer last year. Instead, it's a relatively muddy surface, but nothing to be too concerned about.

Conor's Picks to Win:

Okay, I've jumped onto the Van der Poel train. Van der Haar, the only guy able to stick to his wheel for the majority of the race, doesn't do well in Superprestiges, and Van Aert is sick. Therefore the Dutchman should retain his title in Diegem.


Unless you're Belgian, and have pay tv, you'll have to look for streams for this one. A useful place.