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Azencross Loenhout LIVE!


The Bpost Bank Trofee returns with the Azencross in Loenhout. It's not the most memorable of courses in the dry, but like Diegem it has one important but not ultimately decisive feature - the washboards. The more picturesque parts of Loenhout are not usually shown in their best light at the time of the cyclocross race, as they are under eight feet of swamp water. However, this year the mud level is far lower than usual. The women's race has already finished. Sanne Cant beat Pavla Havlikova and Ellen Van Loy. Sorry I didn't have this up for that race, on account of my forgetting it was on.

Startlist: We have Lars Boom once again, along with the usual cast.

BPost Bank Trofee Standings
1. Wout Van Aert 4:54:48
2. Kevin Pauwels +0:04:08
3, Sven Nys


4. Lars van der Haar +0:08:51
5. Michael Vanthourenhout +0:08:57

Van Aert's running away with this one.

Conor's Pick to Win

Mathieu van der Poel is going to koplopper everyone today, it's just unavoidable


Sporza, but you'll need a VPN if you aren't Belgian.