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Etixx Unveil Blue 2016 Kit

New signing Marcel Kittel was photographed in the Vermarc outfit today.

It's back to the blue for Etixx. After four years, two black kits and two mostly white kits, the Belgian team have reverted to a predominantly blue outfit for the first time since 2012. It showcases their new sponsor, the supermarket Lidl, along with the usual cast of sponsors; Etixx and Quickstep. They are second to show their new livery off to the world, us people who are very knowledgeable about fashion. (Right? Just me? Who am I kidding, not even me.)

From this:

Etixx Quick Step kit


I think this was one of the better-liked kits of last season - people saw some non-black cycling clothing and took what they could get. It was easy to pick out, to be fair.

To this:

Kit tel


Kit tel


  1. I doubt we'll have much trouble picking it out during a rainy edition of the Driedaagse de Panne. Unless blue is the new black, it'll stand out nicely.
  2. Classy. No hugely bright colours, but still identifiable.


  1. Pinstripes!
  2. The arms let it down a bit, I think.

So what do you think? Our 1-5 scale:

5: Stunning! I'm buying this. Swoon!

4: Solid! I'll buy it on sale. I'll root for them inexplicably.

3: Not bad. I wouldn't reject a gift of this jersey. I won't hold it against them.

2: Ugh. Wouldn't wear this in public. I might root for them out of pity.

1: Why God? WHY?! Don't even show this to me. I will root for them to win their national championships to spare us all the misery of this kit.

My verdict: 3.5. Certainly acceptable.