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Strade Bianche LIVE

strade profile 2015

San Gimignano - Siena 200 km

Top candidate for "Most beautiful race" every year and also an absolute cracker with 50 kms of "white" gravel roads split over 10 sectors. The women race 103 km in the morning on their slightly more direct route. Hopefully we'll see some highlights of it in the afternoon.

w strade profile

Tuscan Raider of the day : Vincenzo Nibali

I know I've predicted Valverde elsewhere in a moment of weakness but this is the place for the quirky picks. I say Vincenzo goes on a rampage. I mean, who knows how many races he gets to do for Astana this year? Better make them count. Carpe the frickin diem Vincenzo. Ride like the wind.

Annemiek van Vleuten will of course win the women's race. Not much to debate there.

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