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Flèche Wallonne LIVE

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Waremme - Huy 205.5 km

So many hills but only one that matters in the end, the Mur de Huy.This year the course features a 1,3 km climb at 8,1% a mere 5 kms before the Mur in an attempt to shake up the finale (last year , penultimate climb was gentler and 10 from the Mur). Odds are it doesn't but it will be interesting to see what teams want to try something to stir up the race.

Oh, and there's a women's race too. It will be better than the men's race. Don't worry, you won't see anything of it.

Master of lactic acid timing of the Day: Michal Kwiatkowski

You have to wonder if he isn't going to come very close to the triple this year. He's done this enough now to start to get the timing right.

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