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Women's Ronde thru Patrick Verhoest lens

Our Belgian friend Patrick staked out the Oude Kwaremont to document the race coming through in the finale. By this time the race was full on. Elisa Longo Borghini was off on her long breakaway and behind the chase was frantic.

In the end we would see the race end up pretty much how we saw it on the Oude Kwaremont. Jolien D'Hoore fought back both there and on the Paterberg to reconnect with the chase. That put her in the perfect position to give Wiggle-Honda a double win. The chase never got closer than 43 seconds behind Elisa Longo Borghini who could cross the finish line in tears. Lizzie Armitstead was unlucky to unclip as she launched her sprint the door was wide open for D'Hoore to win the sprint ahead of van der Breggen.

Many thanks to Patrick for the photos!

You can see the highlights and interviews from the UCI here:

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All photos by: Patrick Verhoest