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A voi! Stage 4: Mouthwatering Cinque Terre stage

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This is the kind of fun you only get in the Giro. A stage that has both a brutal challenging course and goes through some of the most beautiful country in the world. he finale will see the race pass the spectacular Cinque Terre coastline. It's another day with a metric shit-ton of climbing, for a stage on day four anyway. It's up and down all day and on small winding roads to boot. This should make for an even better day for the breakaway-hopefuls than stage 3 and after the display from Tinkoff there it will be interesting to see how the day plays out. Can Contador's boys really hope to ride these three weeks on the front for the entire time and if so, how far are they willing to push it?

To give the race an extra twist there is the short steep climb of Biassa that summits ten kilometers from the finish leaving the riders with a fast, uncomplicated descent and 3 kms of flat to the finish. The steep last kilometer of the climb could make for a good launch point for someone attacking for the stage win or even a rider hoping to snatch some time on GC.


This should really be out of reach of Matthews and his likes one would think even if the race is still held together at that point.

Chi vincerà?

Luis Leon Sanchez. Not sure how much freedom there is for Astana helpers but if Sky riders can go stagehunting then why not the men in pajamas? This stage has a distinct San Seb feel that's the kind of tracing that LLS knows and loves.

Amy's Food & Vino del giorno

Wine: Punta Crena Pigato Riviera Ligure di PonenteVigneto Ca’ da Rena
From the importer: "Ask Paolo if the family follows organic methods in the vineyards and he’ll laugh. We’re not “organic,” he says as if you had asked about some crazy new technology. We just do everything the same way our ancestors have for hundreds of years. They even build their stone terraces by hand, using the method established here three thousand years ago.i"

Food: Trofie. So here we put it all together, serving our pesto with handmade pasta, known as trofie. It turns out that K was much better at forming the shapes than I was. When I asked her why, she said "I used to really like play-doh."

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