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The laundry's done- restday roundup

Restdays are restdays. Please join us for a 72 image tour of Richie Porte's motorhome ...... or not. While the Giro boys may have had a restday, the rest of us have had a normal Monday, meaning a shitload of extra work so this will be a very limited restday effort.


By the looks of it it has been a very relaxed restday but it has served up some chunks of news

Fabio Aru is actually suing Greg Henderson for erroneously calling him out as a Biopassport case. We would need to do some very extensive research to confirm it but this is in all likelihood the first time in recorded cycling history that someone who has threatened to sue, actually sued?

porte giro

Porte, pensive restday face

Please contain your giddy excitement but Porte actually did let people tour his motor home, this may be a new low in cycling journalism. Stand by for his appearance on MTV's Cribs next.

Michael Rogers is saying the Giro is really really hard and he hopes it calms down soon. Don't worry Dodger, the Giro is always much more relaxed in the third week so you should be okelidokeli.

contador giro

"Hmmmm, bueno, good restday question"

The revelation of this Giro so far, Mikel Landa, is almost as surprised as any of us. Also he kind of puts his foot in it by admitting that Astana is so Aru focused that he isn't really a Plan B option. Pity there, otherwise it could have been a good tactical play to make Tinkoff and Sky chase after an attacking Landa . But then again, none of us, including the opposing DSs, actually thought letting Landa run away with it would be an option for Astana.

And then there's the Zombie-rumour that will not die. It's a sign when the rest day is so devoid of any real news that someone has to dredge up the old "Giro may come to the USA" chestnut. Yes, it could totally happen. Any year now. Probably at about the same time as the Aru and Henderson case actually gets a court date.

aru giro

"I bet they don't ask this dull shit in California press conferences"

Tomorrow we set off for Forli on a sprinters stage that is so flat that you almost feel embarrassed for the little molehill in the middle that they've named Monte Bartolo, it's about as menacing as the only other Bartolo I know. There is little doubt that this will end in a sprint with teams "fresh" off a restday. All in all the second week should in fact serve as a lull in the storm between the frantic first week and the inevitably brutal final week. Some flat stages and some finales for the puncheurs are what's in store before the big TT that looks ever more decisive the closer we come to it.


All photos by LUK BENIES/AFP/Getty Images