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Giro d'Italia Stage 10 LIVE

Civitanova Marche - Forlì 200 km

I bet the climbers are salivating over that massive mid-stage mountain. Or maybe they feel kindness in their hearts and let the sprinters have this one?

After a flat stage and a straight run in of almost 10 kms the organizers have thrown some nasty shit at the riders in the finale. With a kilometer to go the riders turn onto a narrow cobbled city street that will make leadouts a mess and then at 500 m there's a tricky left turn onto the finishing straight. This will take skills and luck.

Not-Mark Cavendish of the Day: Giacomo Nizzolo

I'd say Greipel of course but I can't really see him and Lotto mastering that finale. It looks like one for the scrappier riders. Enter Nizzolo.

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Amy's Food&Wine

Wine: Lusenti  Malvasia “Bianca Regina”
A late harvest dry white. Tt has been a while since I have had an orange wine. Golden copper. Rich apricot, lemon and orange peel with some nuttiness.

Food: Bolognese sauce
I make my Bolognese based on the classic Marcella Hazan recipe, though I have been known to change it up slightly based on what I have on hand. They key: hours of a very slow cooking time.