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A voi! Stage 14: The Ominous TT

Treviso - Valdobbiadene 59.4 km Timetrial Difficulty rating: ★★★★★

Harry Engels/Getty Images

This is one of the days that has been talked about ever since the route presentation last fall. While the Tour totally skipped timetrialing this year the Giro is throwing one of their patented long ass timetrials. The last really long one was the 60 km one in Cinque Terre that Menchov won in 2009. This one isn't as hilly but the pure length should have the potential to wreak havoc in the GC.


Potentially this is the make or break stage for the overall win. We have three favorites who are probably pretty evenly matched and then there is the odd man out, Fabio Aru, who could be in big trouble. Last year he lost 2.55 to Rigoberto Uran on a 42 km TT in similar terrain. On similar form that would translate to 4-4,5 minutes here. Apparently Aru has been knuckling down and working on his TT bike this year so maybe the balance has shifted some. On the other hand if Wednesday is any indicator of his shape then he could be in for a slaughter. Porte, Uran and Porte are harder to peg and the feeling is if they ride roughly to what their recent TTs indicate there shouldn't be the huge timegaps between them. Contador isn't the super-TTer he used to be and Uran has been ever improving in the last years to the point that I struggle to say who I'd expect to do better and then.......

Chi vincerà?

Richie Porte: Who knows what good it will do him in the GC at this point but you would have to expect that Porte will use this to save his race. If his GC ambitions fail then at least he walks away with a stagewin. He should be the best TTer in this field even if we've never seen him in one this long. You really have to wonder though if he is really god enough to take major time? I think not but then again over 60 kms time builds up pretty fast. Maybe we see about 1,5-2 minutes separating Uran-Conta-Porte in the end, with form on the day deciding who ends up where.

Amy's Food & Vino del giorno

Wine: Tre Venti Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Rive di Ogliano Brut DOCG 2012
Tre Venti is a limited edition single vineyard Prosecco.

Food: Treviso Raddicchio with Pancetta from the River Cafe's Cafe Cookbook. Although that recipe is not online, you can find something similar here or here.