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A voi! Stage 19: Matterhorn.....well almost

Gravellona Toce - Cervinia 236 km Difficulty rating: ★★★★★

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Long, hard and late in the race. This stage isn't looking any fun for anyone not parked in front of the TV watching the thing. Three major climbs make the final 85 km make this a formidable test. The two climbs preceding the climb to Cervinia are both monsters. It would be hard to find better terrain for the long range attack on Contador but after the display on Mortirolo you have to wonder how confident Astana are in their ability to  shake the leader.


The finale is the easiest part of the day. Another final climb with gentle gradients makes you wonder if it isn't a conscious choice by the route planners? Easier gradients designed to make for more tactical racing and less survival of the fittest? Either way you would think that anyone who has ambitions on this stage will at least start doing the groundwork on the early climbs if they have have ambitions to take time. It's hard imagining Contador having any teamsupport left by the final climb but it still remains to be proven that that matters even a little bit


Chi vincerà?

Steven Kruijswijk: The guy should really get something out of this comeback Giro of his. A well timed attack could see him do his thing while Astana and Contador do their's perhaps.