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Kitwatch and Kreuziger - Today's News

Roman Kreuziger was cleared of blood doping by the UCI, after a year-long case as LottoNL-Jumbo confirmed that they would use a less yellow kit for the Tour de France.

Kreuziger rode the Giro in support of Alberto Contador.
Kreuziger rode the Giro in support of Alberto Contador.
Susie Hartigan, PDC

Tinkoff-Saxo superdomestique Roman Kreuziger was today cleared of bio-passport infringements in 2011 and 2012 by the UCI and WADA. A press statement released this afternoon stated: "Based on the availability of newly obtained information, the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) and the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) have come to the conclusion that, in accordance with the applicable UCI anti-doping rules and WADA Athlete Biological Passport operating guidelines, there is at this stage no basis to proceed further."  This case was announced on the 28th of June last year, almost a year, and has dogged Kreuziger for that time. Did we expect a result?

This conclusion from the UCI comes just five days before the Czech rider was due to sit before a Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) hearing.

The statement also mentions "newly obtained information," without giving any indication what this is, and the UCI will "not comment further." Yet another long case from the UCI that in the end results in nothing.

Kreuziger, however, was delighted. The TDF top-5 finisher, when he heard the news, tweeted that he was "Very happy," and "grateful for fans' support." He will now, presumably move on to the Tour, to support Contador. Fans of Tinkoff were happy about the outcome.

As you might have noticed, there's rather a bit of yellow in the peloton this year. Be it the fluorescent variety worn by Mr. Tinkov's boys or LottoNL's bee-yoo-tiful efforts, there's been as much as there ever was when ONCE roamed the world of cycling. And that doesn't go down well with the Tour. Tinkoff-Saxo had to change last year, and possibly this, but Lotto have made a statement of their kit change.

Kruijswijk Lotto Jersey

Kruiswijk wearing it, (Team LottoNL-Jumbo)

Lotto Jerseys

Apparently, it was on as early as Wednesday, but was taken down. The kit is similar to their ordinary strip, but the yellow has been replaced by white on the shoulders, and the Dutch flag on the collar.

Giel Stam, a twitter user, saw the jersey on Wednesday, on the official Tour website, along with a Tinkoff-Saxo change.


The Tinkoff outfit incorporates the fluo yellow, with the camouflage "training kit", and is slightly more controversial!

This piece was dashed off quickly, and late, but give your opinion. What do you think? Whether of Kreuziger, kit changes, or camouflage.