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Tour de France Stage 5 LIVE

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Arras - Amiens 189.5 km

Straightforward sprintfest or another nasty crosswind surprise? It should be the former but the Tour seems to have been hit with some unpleasant rainy and windy weather. Looks like crosswinds for much of the stage and a block headwind for the last 25 kms. It could make for a very hard stage if any teams actually have the ambition to make things hard for the fourth day running.

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Amiable Sprinter of the Day: Alexander Kristoff
It's been a disappointing start to Katusha's spring-emperor and the team is crippled with leadout man Haller injured and Kozontchuk out. I still think Kristoff strikes back and takes a surprise win when everyone is looking to Cav and Greipel.

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