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Clasica San Sebastian Threadjack: Yates Unbeatable in Finale

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Adam Yates of Orica-GreenEdge scored the biggest win of his budding career in the Clasica San Sebastian today by stealing away on the final climb of the Bordako Tontorra, escaping a peloton freshly regouped after a day of aggressive behavior for a solo victory. The "peloton" he escaped was actually a group of two dozen ruling elites, led by Movistar and Astana riders setting things up for Alejandro Valverde or Jakob Fuglsang. But in the end they and others (Philippe GIlbert, Julian Alaphilippe, Dan Martin, Joaquim Rodriguez) were left looking at each other over the last 6km of the race as Yates sped away to glory.

Very little of the race was available to watch from anything other than a team car, as an aircraft responsible for relaying TV signals was forced to land due to mechanical issues. I guess human health and safety is more important to some people than watching cycling. Anyway, without knowing more, here are the results:

  1. YATES Adam OGE 5h30'22"
  2. GILBERT Philippe BMC 15"
  3. VALVERDE BELMONTE Alejandro MOV 15"
  6. MOLLEMA Bauke TFR 15"
  7. MARTIN Daniel TCG 15"
  8. ALAPHILIPPE Julian EQS 15"
  9. BARGUIL Warren TGA 15"
  10. URAN URAN Rigoberto EQS 15"
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Donostia - Donostia 219 km

All Ardennes nonsense aside, this is the best of the hilly classics.

Txirlas Txoice:  Julian Alaphilippe
Txirla don't go for no chumps who spend their summers riding for third place in France. Txirla don't go for no crybabies either. Otherwise Valverde to repeat is probably the saner choice. But Ala is the funnest up and coming rider this year and he'd look good in a pancake hat.

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