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Eneco Tour Stage 1 LIVE

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Bolsward - Bolsward 183.5 km

Welcome to Friesland for the start of the Grandest of the Grand Tours, the fourth musketeer, the Eneco Tour.

Gysbert Japicx of the Day:  Moreno Hofland
"Bolsward" is of course friesisch for "flat as a pancake that has been ironed and then run over by a pletwals*". Therefore we shall look to the purest of sprinters for this one. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly given how the last half of this race looks these days, there aren't that many of them here. Greipel is to obvious so lets imagine the Jumbos go for some home-soil-glory.

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"Een pletwals is een voertuig/werktuig dat meestal in de wegenbouw wordt gebruikt om steenslag, zand of asfalt te verdichten om zodoende een vlak oppervlak te verkrijgen."