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Is This a Map of the 2016 Tour de France? [Update: No!]

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We definitely know where the race finishes.
We definitely know where the race finishes.
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

So R Mc mentioned this site on Facebook. It's a travel booking service. And it's got a pretty cool map there:

2016 Tour de France map?

Yup, that sure is an interesting map. The question is, is it real? I can't find any confirmation of the Tour de France's 2016 route anywhere else, and yet someone went through the trouble to create this map, in the style of an actual Tour de France route map, showing all of the items we knew or had heard about as possibilities. In fact, you can find several other versions of a 2016 Tour map, but they're pretty crude compared to this.

So... did some travel site accidentally just leak the 2016 Tour de France route? I guess we'll find out in a month or so, if not sooner.

[Update!] Or sooner! It appears to be bogus, the key being the lack of Andorra stages, which have been confirmed. So ignore this. Or keep it handy to see how close they got.