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Vårgårda World Cup LIVE

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vårgårda map
Vårgårda - Vårgårda 133.5 km

A slightly revised route for the Swedish leg of the women's World Cup this year. Instead of just spinning round and round on the local lap the race starts with a wider loop to give the riders a bit of new scenery. Then the race ends with 7 laps of the now well known local lap, including 11 passes of the Hägrunga Hill.

LIVE VIDEO: The whole race will be broadcast. If you don't have a local broadcaster you can watch it on the UCI Channel

West Goth of the Day: Emma Johansson
A Swede has never managed to win the home World Cup, maybe today is the time? The competition is as tough as ever with the entire world elite here except Vos and the World Champ Pauline Ferrand Prevot. Boels Dolmans are looking as stacked as ever, with last years winner Chantal Blaak and Lizzie Armitstead  and should prove the worst threat but they are by no means alone.

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